March 28 Debate: Civil Disobedience

Resolution: Is Civil Disobedience Morally Justified?

It is important for students to engage in intellectual discussions about life and world events. This practice fosters community, understanding, and critical thinking. Destiny Driven Inc. is partnering with Opportunity Youth United to host a community debate which will showcase student competitors. Participants engage in a debate on the resolution: Civil Disobedience is morally justified. The event will stream live on Facebook March 28th, 2021 from 5pm until 7pm.

Destiny Driven Ambassadors have researched and worked diligently to  present a groundbreaking debate for the community during these uncertain times.  Debate encourages civil discussions about controversial topics to bring a sense of community and understanding. The students, representing four local schools and one university,  will debate the resolution: Is civil disobedience morally justified?
Student Debaters:
Hailey Mullins – Brewbaker Technology High School
Elizabeth Hines- Goodwin Middle School
Aylon Gibson – MoreHouse University
Mya Boyd – Carver High School
Makayla McDonald – Lamp High School

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