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Montgomery Area Debate League

The Montgomery Area Debate League facilitates leadership development and academic growth through Speech and Debate…

Montgomery Community Action Team

The Youth Policy Council is a cohort of student leaders that serves as the advisory board for Destiny Driven Inc and as chairs of the Juvenile Reentry…

Homecoming Mentoring

DDINC. is dedicated to facilitating successful reentry of justice-involved students through access to opportunities, civic engagement, self-advocacy, and mentorship…

Our Mission

Destiny Driven Inc. trains youth to advocate for community solutions.
Destiny Driven Inc. is a 501(c)3 social impact organization that develops self-esteem and oratorical confidence in youth for personal growth and community advocacy. This is accomplished through the pedagogy of Community Debate. Debate empowers youth to effectively communicate, think critically, and advocate for their best interest. These skills also give youth the opportunity to educate the community on social issues, while strengthen communication skills..

About Montgomery Debate League

Destiny Driven Inc. facilitates leadership development and academic growth through Speech and Debate. Public speaking empowers young people to think critically, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts through sound reasoning and diplomacy.



What Students Say

  • When I first joined the debate team I didn’t know what I was doing. With some hard work coached by Ms. Russell I learned how to show emotion, how to articulate, and how to write my own speeches. I’m here to tell you that regardless of how you’re feeling Ms. Russell can change it. Give It A Try!

    K. Smith
  • When I first joined the debate team, I was very inexperienced and shy. But as I grew and experienced debate with Ms. Russell, I began to understand the importance of my voice. Because of the debate team, I am now a better public speaker and hope to become a lawyer. I will never forget my experience with the program and will cherish it for the rest of my life.
    A. Caffey
  • The project has helped me be an all round affluent, confident person , which was always in me , just needed a little push.

  • This program has taught me that I was born to be a leader, it’s ok to have a strong sense of self, and to be bold and courageous into who God has called me to be. I love this program, as well as all of our speakers.

  • My most enjoyable moment of the project was getting to meet and work with young and bright individuals and sharing my thoughts and views on societal changes and issues.

  • have followed your program for several months and I really love what you and your instructors are doing with the kids.

    Traci Dixon Fuller
  • I’m glad to have something productive that my daughter can participate in that educates and challenges her while affording her the opportunity to bond with other youth

    Lacey Boyd
  • Congratulations on everything you’re doingI’ve wondered if we had something similar to what you’re doing in our community and I was excited to hear about Destiny Driven. I’d love to support your efforts!

    Amerika Blair
    Community Member