Debate Training

Research conducted throughout the workouts will expand the child’s mind, increase their understanding of important issues, encourage social, personal, and political awareness.

What We Offer

Debate Workshop Instructional Focus, Competition Events, Debate Events, Weekly Tutoring / Training Sessions, Community Service,  Composition & Poetry Slams.

2021 Community Action Fellowship Cohort

Congratulations to Destiny Driven’s Inaugural Cohort of the 2021 Community Action Fellowship. This six month fellowship focuses on public speaking, leadership, and civic engagement

About Montgomery Debate League

Destiny Driven Inc. facilitates leadership development and academic growth through Speech and Debate. Public speaking empowers young people to think critically, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts through sound reasoning and diplomacy.

We are apart of an incredible honor society, the National Speech and Debate Association. Students have the ability to earn distinction and gain recognition in our honor society through competition, community service, public speaking, and leadership. Each year, we share your successes in the honor society directly with your school administration. College admissions representatives recognize our honor society as an impressive achievement on student applications.


What Students Say

  • When I first joined the debate team I didn’t know what I was doing. With some hard work coached by Ms. Russell I learned how to show emotion, how to articulate, and how to write my own speeches. I’m here to tell you that regardless of how you’re feeling Ms. Russell can change it. Give It A Try!

    K. Smith
  • When I first joined the debate team, I was very inexperienced and shy. But as I grew and experienced debate with Ms. Russell, I began to understand the importance of my voice. Because of the debate team, I am now a better public speaker and hope to become a lawyer. I will never forget my experience with the program and will cherish it for the rest of my life.
    A. Caffey